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Business Concierge

Pricing guidelines:

We can only agree a final fee structure once we have a chance to plan and discuss the "shape" of the services which will be of most assistance to you. However, the guidelines for our fees are as follows:

  1. "Operating Fee": Generally from $500 + GST per month. To be agreed based on requirements and ways we can help and the online tools required.
  2. Success fee:
    1. A monthly commission for any revenue we actively involved with generating for you. This fee only falls due in any month when the amount that the fee exceeds the Monthly Operating Fee.

We provide our business focused Members, who include...

  1. businesses involved with the sail and power boat communities

  2. yachts with sponsors or which are being run as businesses

...with practical, cost effective support for business development, management or operations.

We implement whichever combination of our tools and processes best meets the broad range of their needs and objectives.

The range of capabilities available, with the resources to deliver and manage them, include....
  • Business development including...
    • development and management of business networks such as:
      • distribution and reseller channels.

      • referrers and recommenders.

      • service partners.

      • technology partners.

      • strategic clients....

    • shared opportunities from YBM Members.
    • your promotional website.
    • your online shop.
    • customer relationship management.
    • email and "blog" marketing.
    • core search engine optimisation.
    • social media management.
  • Management support including...
    • business planning.
    • progress tracking.
    • problem solving.

  • Operational support including...

    • team communications and collaboration.
    • centralised knowledge base.
    • quotes
    • invoicing.
    • scheduling and bookings.
    • acceptance of credit card payments.
  • International representation including...
    • providing a local, regional point of presence to support the business's interests.

    • development of regional distribution channels, marketing and customer support.

  • ....and customised tools and capabilities so what we do matches exactly what you need.
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