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Partner Support

Pricing Guidelines:

  • Becoming a YBM Partner is free of charge. In fact there is the option for our Partners to generate revenue from the partnership.
  • All we ask is cooperation to promote the partnership to their communities.
  • If we generate revenue or undertake business development programs for our Partners then "Source And Organise" or "Active Management" fees would apply.

For clubs, associations, marinas and any operation supporting a community in the marine sector (such as customers or members who are yacht owners) through "white labelled" versions of YBM Connect and with the support of the YBM Support Agent, we can provide a number of benefits, depending on the requirements and nature of the Partner:

We can...

  • Add value to their communities by providing YBM's services and facilities at discounted rates.

  • Generate incremental revenue to the partner through revenue sharing of fees generated from their communities.

  • If the Partner is involved in boat management, they can outsource some of or all of their current management operations to us, so they can generate the same margins for less effort.

  • In the case of yacht clubs or marinas which may have their own "ecosystems", we can generate incremental sales and revenue opportunities for their suppliers, adding value to them, their communities and the Partners themselves.

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