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Source And Organise

Pricing Guidelines:

Our Sourcing And Organising Fee is flexible based on the nature of the product or service we are arranging for you. It is generally 10% of the price whatever we arrange for you. We will let you know which of the charging models outlined below applies when we send you the quotes for consideration. The overall price to you is the same either way but with such a broad range of items we need to organise, a flexible approach ensures we can deliver the best options to our Members.
Method 1: Our Sourcing And Organising Fee is paid to us by your chosen supplier. This largely applies when one of our Registered Suppliers is appointed.  For such charges, you would pay the supplier directly.
Method 2:  We would charge you directly for the equipment or services you choose and add our Sourcing And Organising Fee to the invoice. This normally applies if we are sourcing equipment or service supplied by a business which is not a Member.

Method 3: We would invoice you directly for our Sourcing And Organising Fee, separate to the invoice for the item(s) we have arranged for you.

We source and organise the independent services, products, equipment and facilities our Members need to prepare, maintain and get best value from their boats.  Members decide what they need - then we source and organise it for them!

No contracts, no retainer. Just use us when you need us!

  • Tell us what you need to get done.

  • We will confirm back to you what we understand and your requirements and the services, equipment, facilities or resources that need to be sourced and organised for you so we look for exactly what you need.

  • We approach our network of suppliers, locally and internationally as appropriate, to find the items you need.

  • We get quotes (normally at least two, depending on the type of item we are sourcing) and send them to you with any supporting information.

  • You let us know which quote you want to accept and let us know.

  • We confirm your order with your chosen supplier(s).

  • We then organise the logistics of delivery and installation, as necessary.

  • We are fully available at every step of the process by phone, email, Whatsapp or whatever means of communications works best for you.

  • Your can track everything to do with your request online via YBM Connect.

  • Where possible, we will negotiate discounts for you from the selected suppliers.

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