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Source And Organise

We source and organise whatever our Members need, as and when they need them. No contracts, no retainer.

  • Tell us what you need such as..

    • maintenance services

    • equipment

    • insurance

    • brokerage services....

  • We source what you might need from our network of suppliers, partners and affiliates, locally and internationally as appropriate.

  • We then organise the logistics of delivery and installation, as necessary.

  • We are fully available at every step of the process by phone, email, Whatsapp or whatever means of communications works best for you

  • Your can track everything to do with your request online via YBM Connect.

Pricing Guidelines:

The "Source And Organise" service is provided at no charge from YBM when the requires product or service is sourced from a Registered Supplier. This is because the Registered Suppliers pay us a fee based on their membership level.

However, in certain cases, these alternatives may be more appropriate in order to provide the right solution.

  • YBM may resell certain products or services directly to a Member.

  • YBM may charge a fee (generally 10% of the cost of the product or service to the Member for whom we are sourcing the solution.

The basis for charging will be made clear at the time we provide options or quotes to the Member.

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