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Cruising Concierge

We provide a range of capabilities to help arrange whatever you need, whilst saving your time and effort but keeping you completely involved and in control.

  • Boat maintenance and preparation including...
    • Planning and organisation of preventative and scheduled maintenance.

    • Planning and organising compliance requirements.

    • Developing an managing your network of preferred and regular suppliers.

    • operational checklists.

    • centralised document and information storage.

  • Journey support including...
    • logistics organisation.

    • provisioning organisation.

    • tracking the yachts location and condition using your installed remote monitoring system.

    • crew management and organisation.

    • bookings such as berthing, accommodation, restaurants, travel etc.

    • organisation of any repairs or maintenance required whilst away from home port.

  • Accounts support including...
    • budgeting

    • cashflow tracking

    • invoice storage.

    • reporting.

  • Owner's representative, facilitator or project manager for major projects such as builds and refits.....

  • International support including....
    • planning logistics for international voyages.
    • organising care, management and maintenance of boats based overseas.

Using YBM Connect, Active Networking and our Registered Network and with the day-to-day support of your YBM Support Agent, we are your representative organising everything that needs to be done to maintain and prepare your yacht.

Then, when you are cruising on your boat and need anything organised and arranged, just let us know and we will do the legwork of getting it done for you... you don't have to!

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