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YBM Business Builder

YBM Business Builder is the online platform set up and customised specifically for your business needs for...

  • Marketing your business.

  • Supporting your customers.

  • Selling products and services.

  • Streamlining your internal administration and infrastructure.

...and is ideal for anyone building a business or running one or more yachts as a business.

In addition to providing the customised business development platform, your YBM Support Agent will manage and, where it adds value, operate the platform for and with you ensuring you get the most from it for least effort.

The YBM Business Builder is developed on the Wix platform ( and our group are Wix Partners. Therefore, if at some stage in the future we part company (and we hope that never happens!) the platform can be transferred to you and we will train you on its operation, so you won't be unnecessarily disadvantaged.

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