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Your Business Development Partner

Registered Supplier

Register as a supplier with Your Boat Manager and receives new business opportunities and referrals.

Planning and reviews

Have an initial planning session with your YBM Business Support Agent to set a framework for how you want to develop your business and work with us. We will then add the outcome of this to your YBM Support Centre so that all progress can be shared, monitored and tracked as we move forward together.

Then, have regular business, product or service positioning reviews with your YBM Business Support Agent to make sure everything is on track and to make adjustments as necessary

Plus, we are always there to be a sounding board for any ideas or issues you would like to discuss or need help with.

Active Business Networking

Development and ongoing support of business relationships with:

  • resellers.

  • distributors.

  • service centres.

  • referrers of your services or products.

  • key clients.

Sourcing ad organising

We will identify and organise products or services which you may want to supplement or complement the products or services you offer or add value to your customers. These can be sourced locally or internationally from other YBM partners or from the broad market.

Building Your Business Online

We can build and develop a customised online platform exclusively branded to your business which can deliver development and ongoing management and evolution of...

  • a high quality public web site to project the image and professionalism of your business and to manage, adapt and optimise it to ensure it reflects the evolving image of your business.

  • your social media presence.

  • an online shop for direct online sales of your products.

  • direct email marketing campaigns to simulate enquiries and sales to customers and contacts.

  • a customer and community "blog" to help keep your customers informed and engaged.

  • a branded Customer Support System.

  • an online bookings system to help you schedule and keep your customers informed.

  • community information forums to improve customer engagement and support.

Infrastructure Support

Through the customised online platform we can enable, support and manage (at whatever level you require)....

  • quotes and invoicing.

  • online inventory tracking.

  • customer relationship and project management.

  • Scheduling and time management.

  • ...and customised tools that can be developed based on the needs of your business.

International Development

All of the services, tools and capabilities outlined here can be focused on local or regional business development and support and also, ore comprehensively, on development of international opportunities for growth.


Sometimes businesses which have developed services, or products, based on their vision, expertise and experience may benefit from an independent perspective to identify then help implement adaptation of the product or service's feature or presentation which may open up new opportunities and markets and help penetrate existing markets more deeply. This commercialisation service is offered through YBM based on many years of product management and development experience.

Working with you, at whatever level you need, to plan, drive and support the growth of your business, its infrastructure and development of initial, repeat and sustainable sales, either locally or internationally.

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