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Business online

Whilst many, or most, business have a website, the potential to make it an active platform through which to build the business is often not realised.

The YBM Business Online service can develop your online platform either starting from scratch or as an add-on to your existing site.

But, once developed, we actively manage the site, not only providing regular edits and updates but through the sophisticated "back end", to which you also have access, we can...

  • optimise your site to be found on search engines.

  • build and manage your online shop.

  • boost online customer relationship management.

  • engage customers through email and "blog" marketing.

  • manage social media presence.

Through the online platform we can offer operational support including...

  • quoting.

  • invoicing.

  • scheduling and bookings.

  • acceptance of credit card payments.

In addition we can build customised tools and capabilities so what we provide matches exactly what you need.

sailing and power boat owners
clubs and associations
suppliers of trades or equipment
builders and manufacturers
marine technology innovators
marina operators
yacht brokers and dealers
charter and training companies
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